A. Tyler Robson

Director & CEO

Mr. Robson was Chief Operating Officer of the Company until taking the reins as Chief Executive Officer in May 2017, as well as remaining Director of Operations at Valens Agritech Inc. He attended the University of Saskatchewan on a football scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree to return to Kelowna to pursue research and development, plant innovation and life sciences, with an emphasis on medical cannabis and its applications in the treatment of seizures, chronic diseases, pain control, and neurological symptoms. As a Master Grower, Mr. Robson provides consulting services on plant genetics, growing methods, and leading facility and soil grown techniques that ensures consistently produced medical marijuana of the highest quality.

Robert van Santen

Director & CFO

Mr. van Santen has been Chief Executive Officer of the Company since October 2014 until May 2017, and led the company’s foray into the health science sector in 2015. He has over 30 years of investment industry and financing experience, providing financial and intellectual capital to both private business and the public markets. He began his career in 1986 with Burns Fry, spent several years with Yorkton Securities’ Natural Resources Group, and was recognized as "Broker of the Year" in 1994. Mr. van Santen is Managing Director of Agilis Capital Corp., holds a B.Comm. degree in Organizational Behavior from Concordia niversity, a Chartered Accountant and CPA designation in British Columbia, a Chartered Market Technician’s designation from the Market Technicians Association in New York, and has certifications that include the Canadian Securities Institute’s CSC (Honours), CPC (Honours), PDO and the OLC.

Dr. Rob O'Brien

Director; President of Valens Agritech

Dr. O’Brien is an innovation solution provider with a strong experience base in analytical chemistry, laboratory and research team management, scientific education and corporate management. He has held leadership positions in both the private sector and academia. He is a recognized expert in analytical instrumentation design and has been working with quality control protocols for Natural Health Products for over a decade. He has taught or developed over 45 different university courses related to analytical chemistry and instrument analysis at the undergraduate and graduate level. He currently leads a comprehensive and diverse team of highly qualified experts. His LinkedIn profile can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/suprarob

Anderson Smith

President & CEO, Supra THC Services

Mr. Smith has been involved in analytical testing for over 15 years. He has developed quality management systems that have led to ISO accreditation for laboratories specializing in the analysis of natural health products. Mr. Smith has taught numerous technical courses on analytical instrumentation to technical support staff as well as conducted specialized training for users with demanding anlytical applications. In addition to his technical background, Mr. Smith also has a background in business development that allows him to better integrate and drive success of sales and supporting services. An international laboratory software vendor utilizes Mr. Smith as an integration specialist for their North American clients.

Devon Murtagh

Cultivation Manager

Mr. Devon Murtagh has a B.A. from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan and is a master grower with over 10 years of industry-experience in cannabis cultivation facilities internationally. As a master grower, Devon provides valuable insight on plant genetics, growing methods, and leading cultivation techniques to ensure produced cannabis is consistently of the highest quality.

Dr. Yasantha Athukorala

QPIC, Valens Agritech

Yasantha Athukorala, Ph.D. is the Qualified Person In Charge (“QPIC”) for Valens Agritech Ltd. He is an accomplished scientist with outstanding research and leadership skills and more than 7 years of experience investigating bioactive compounds from agricultural bio-resources. With a unique background of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Bioresource Technology knowledge, Dr. Athukorala brings a demonstrated record of project and publication success, credited with discovering naturally-occurring bioactive compounds using enzymatic digestion, bioassay-guided extraction and fractionation procedures with potential commercial applications in food, health and bio-resource utilization industries.